A década perdida de Portugal

© David Ferreira

O Wall Street Journal fez ontem uma análise ao comportamento de Portugal nos últimos anos, a propósito de um novo relatório da Heritage Foundation. Chamou-lhe “Portugal’s Lost Decade“. Título pertinente para um texto que, sem nos trazer (a nós, portugueses) grandes novidades, mostra como os nossos problemas estruturais são percebidos (e bem) lá fora.

O passado: 

«Even before the global financial crisis took hold in 2008, Portugal had endured a miserable economic period. Far from catching up with the wealthier parts of Europe, it was falling further behind.» 

O presente:

«At some point, Portugal was going to have to grapple with its too-high wages and too-low productivity. But by waiting until the global recession forced the hard decisions, Portugal’s leaders hurt their chances for a successful adjustment.» 
O futuro?

«Growth returned to Portugal in 2013, but the country’s low productivity and budget woes are still unresolved. Most recently, the country’s highest court blocked an attempt to lower public-sector pay–exactly the type of reform that is necessary for Portugal to escape its decade-long slump.»